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If your whole game is as consistent and controlled as your latest video I dont see why you couldnt even play 4.0 seniors. You definitely have control and accuracy. Depending on how you move you might be able to play 3.5 adult league.

Hitting with the wall is pretty hard, especially when you use only one bounce. If your whole game is like that in an actual rally I dont see why 4.0 senior would be out of the question. 4.0 adult might be pushing it, but depends on the level of competition in your area, how young and experienced the players are, ect.

The problem with NTRP is that you never want to guess too high.

Id still go with 3.0 adult or 3.5 senior and (more than likely) murder people and move up.

That is definitely not a 3.0 level of consistency for an adult player. If you're decently mobile and the rest of your game is about that level I can see you going on a rampage in 3.0 and possibly 3.5 senior. With all those things considered, 4.0 senior is probably where you will meet opposition, or 3.5 adult because players start to hit dramatically harder than the level below.
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