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Originally Posted by FastFreddy View Post
I checked out your bio on your pimping my books and crap on your website.Dude really drug free bodybulding please. I worked with trainers over the past 21 years who won "drug free shows all it meant was they took less gear and got off it sooner. So your a Athletic trainer bfd so u know how to tape an ankle. Stick with computer science since u have two masters. What r u using those for TP?

I seen your pic dude stop spray tanning or get out of the sun aka skin cancer. I seen your video on utube very professional fitness trainer wrestling some dude for money same old same old female bodybuilder. Dude myofascial is a waste of time it keeps AT and PT dudes in business just toss out your foam rollers another waste of time. I also love the book on squash like u know anything about squash. I am a A squash player so tell that story to someone who knows poop about squash.
Seriously, what's with all the hostility, dood? Try letting go of the anger -- you'll live longer. Perhaps you'll change your tune on dynamic & other stretching after you've been around a few more years. When I hit my 50s, I found that a simple warmup was no longer adequate. A lot of sports-related injuries in youth come back to haunt you. Now at 60, I find that I need to perform a lot of dynamic stretching as part of my extended warmup in order to function on the court at all.
If u have one foot stuck in yesterday & one foot stuck in tomorrow, u are peeing on today.
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