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Originally Posted by the 10s n00b View Post
Well what are sometests to confirm... some say if you make a fist it should hurt and it doesn't.... also turning a door knob
You need a well qualified Dr and probably a sports medicine or orthopedic specialist to improve your chances of the right diagnosis.

Suppose that you are going to get 10 injuries playing tennis over the next 30 years. You assume each injury is the most likely injury found on the internet and follow some questionable internet treatment for that injury. Several of those 10 injuries might lead to chronic conditions - GE & TE in particular - that could have been avoided or minimized with the correct diagnosis and better treatment.

A friend of mine has gotten pain in his legs from a pinched sciatic nerve in his lower back........ Knee pain can be caused by many different injuries - I found a list of 15 of the more common knee injuries....... Find a diagnosis on the internet?

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