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I tried to write up a simple version.
Lace your center left and right mains (LM1 and RM1) from head to throat or vice versa depending on what your racquet requires.

Clamp your RM1 (right main one) near the frame on the side of the starting loop. Make sure you have the clamps clean and tight as I noted in your other thread.

Insert the LM1 (left main one) string in the linear gripper and pull tension by lowering the drop weight arm. And I hope you have the weight on and adjusted to a reasonable weight! Drop the bar so it is about horizontal. If above, insert less string. If below, insert more string. As noted in the other thread, I believe you don't have the ratcheting model. You are now pulling tension on LM1.

WHILE MAINTAINING THE TENSION (bar is horizontal), clamp LM1 (RM1 is still clamped near the side of the start loop near the frame) on the side opposite the start loop near the frame. YOU MUST maintain tension until you've clamp the string. Then you can release tension. Raise the bar.

Lace LM2 and tension after you've rotated the racquet. Move the clamp for LM1 to the opposite side on LM2 close to the frame.

Rotate the racquet. Pull tension on RM1. Move the first clamp you set on RM1 to the opposite side (side of the tensioner) of RM1, and clamp close to the frame. Remember, you must keep the string tensioned (bar horizontal) as you remove and move clamps.

Lace RM2, rotate and tension. Continue to lace, rotate the racquet, and tension each string, never getting more than two ahead on either side (alternate tensioning string on the left and right of center).

Remember to skip grommets when necessary (used for crosses). After you've completed the mains left and right (final mains tensioned and clamped), insert the string in the grommet for the tie off anchor string and tie a finishing knot (Parnell, double half-hitch, Pro/Wilson, etc.).

Originally Posted by AlexDK09 View Post
My biggest failure of today was that I broke a string when moving the drop weight, still donīt know how that could have happened haha
Just remember to let the bar down slowly and never push down on the bar (creates huge amount of tension). If the bar doesn't drop to horizontal on its own, release tension, and feed less string. Again, I'm thinking you have the model without the ratchet. Aside from that, we can only guess.
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