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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your valuable contributions leaugeCO. Don't let a few negative feedback dissuade you from posting. There are always detractors, and typically these folk are just more vocal than supporters. That's just human nature. However, know that there may be many, many more out there who lurk or don't post often but really value your insight.

I would like to know more about benchmarking. Members of my league team have been benchmarked at different levels during different seasons. For example, if I remember correctly (big if), we made it to 3.5 sectionals once, and a bunch of us were 4.0B (the next level) the next season. Another time, I think we made it to 4.0 playoffs or districts, and then some were benchmarked at 4.0B (the same level but B) the next season. How does that work? When do you become benchmarked at the next level vs the current level? Also, do benchmarked players continue to get dynamic NTRP ratings? If so, do they take effect the following season?

Thanks again!
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