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Originally Posted by Prostaffer View Post
For those that have used gut. Are you using the gut at 10% more than the poly, using the same tension or only a 2-3lbs difference in tension as I'm seeing in some of the pro stringing logs?
I strung up 4 of my BLX blade 98's - 2 full 4G at 50lbs and 2 with 4G in the mains at 48lbs and Wilson gut in the crosses at 52lbs - all 16L.......I strung them on a i am in LOVE with the hybrid, I had to switch away from full poly about 6mos ago but would be willing to even use a full bed of 4G!!! i'm an open player and play ITF senior events on a regular basis -

The level of comfort and control really shocked me....i stayed away from any reviews posted just to assure i didn't go in with any preconceived notions. I have played 3 sets of singles (about 1.5 hrs) and 8 sets of doubles (4 hrs +) along with 2 hrs of drills this morning and 2 hrs this past Monday switching sticks every set or far i have measured less than a 3% tension loss - I also used a Babolat RDC machine to measure the stringbed stiffness 3x this week and found similar very low loss of stiffness.
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