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Default "Tennis elbow? Just buy a new racket!"

Is this statement slightly off-base? After reading this forum for a few weeks, I am under the impression that a blanket statement of “Just get a new stick” is incomplete. On the contrary, many modern sticks are horrible for your elbow. For example, the popular Babolat is stiff as hell, and some of the worst rackets made for elbows. AeroPro flex rating = 70. Pure Drive = 71. Terrible, right?

Supposedly, Pro Kennex makes the most arm friendly rackets out there.

My 2005 Head liquid metal 107sqin is also one of the most flex rackets made (Flex = 5 However, I am also playing with a vintage 1990s Dunlop Revelation that is max’ed out on the flex/control rating (low power, max control) I don't know the flex rating, but the Dunlop is even more comfortable than my Head, which is at 58 flex (and 52lbs tension)

So, I feel that my racket is not remotely the issue. It's my swing.

However, I am going to restring with a multi-filament string at a low tension. My current string is at 48, So I will need to adjust to ball flying off the racket (which will allow me to hit less hard)
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