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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
But by your own admission you didn't present with the same symptoms as the people you were helping.
As I've stated previously, neither of us can be sure. However, it is wrong to think that everyone suffers as much from the same flu virus. People with weak or compromised immune systems can die from a seasonal flu. The rest of us suffer a lot, a little, or not at all. The whole point of a vaccine is to prep the immune system to deal with a strain of the virus. It could be that my immune system had dealt with a related virus in the past and therefore did a better job of fighting off the new strain as compared to someone else.

Last winter I took care of a few people who were out for almost a week with a nasty flu. I didn't get anything even though I most likely was exposed to the same virus (we identified who first exposed the other three who got sick and got an idea of the incubation period). Now it is possible that I didn't get exposed. It is also possible that I was also exposed to the virus but my immune system did a better job of dealing with it.
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