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I believe that you are going to have a hard time finding one word to cover what you are doing in tennis strokes. The definitions of strike and stroke would have to be precisely defined.. something in a reference book or widely on the internet....good luck finding that! If the racket moves forward 90% and laterally 10% is that a strike or a stroke, etc.?

To understand current tennis stroke theory this book is the best that I have seen. Very readable and clear, a great reference for each stroke.

From an earlier thread-

Technique Development in Tennis Stroke Production, B. Elliott, M. Reid & M. Crespo

The science of tennis stroke analysis has changed significantly in the last 20 years especially in the area of biomechanics. One of the leading researchers is Bruce Elliott.

This book takes each stroke and discusses the important characteristics that are present in each. It puts the new research results into readable form. It also has coaching information, for example, on the ages that certain skills can be introduced to serious young players based on the stage of the young player's strength development.

Technique Development in Tennis Stroke Production(2009), B. Elliott, M. Reid and M. Crespo

Suppliers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. all list it as ‘out of stock’. No wonder I had not heard of this 2009 biomechanics book on tennis stroke techniques. I found it for sale at the ITF Store. $20 + $8 shipping. (ITF, get some book retailers!)

International Tennis Federation store -

Chapter titles:

1 Talent Development: A Progressive Approach
2 Biomechanical and Anatomical Principles
3 'Heaviness' in Stroke Production
4 Variability an Integral Feature of Stroke Development
5 Service Mechanics
6 Forehand Mechanics (including return of serve)
7 Backhand Mechanics
8 Net Play Mechanics
9 Contemporary Coaching of Technique

Includes a section identifying the joint motions. Very readable. Overall and detailed perspectives. Extensive references for each chapter.

Best tennis book that I've seen, a great reference book!
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