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Originally Posted by North View Post
The Code (#26) in the rule book says that any player can call a service let, including the server. You just have to call it soon enough so you can 't get two bites at the apple.
So the server would have to call it before (or pretty much simultaneous with) the returner strikes the ball, right? If the returner rips an outright winner and the server says, "Uh, that serve was a let" there's potential for abuse.

It's not like the server can call a let to avoid a fault because if it doesn't land in the box it's a fault whether it grazed the net or not.

Kind of interesting, you tend not to think of a server calling a let serve, but I've certainly hit some serves and thought I heard a net tick when nobody said anything. I find that situation easier to "just go ahead and play it" than if I hit a serve a foot long and back comes a return with no call.
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