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Originally Posted by 6LOVE View Post
No adjustments (except for the PPT foam liner for extra cushioning).

Barefoot Road Gloves are made for road running. They have a rubber toe bumper and durable Vibram sole (TC-1 rubber).

I've been using them on hard courts for 2 weeks now and they are holding up as well as most tennis shoes.
What are PPT foam liner - where can you buy these?
My concern are the sides - since Tennis involves a lot side to side movement will the top separate from the sides?
Also what style of tennis do you play? Aggressive, competitive type or social type tennis?

My current tennis shoe is on it's last leg - I was thinking about going the minimalist route - but all the shoes look like they are designed for running and not side to side movement - would like to see reinforcements on the side where top and the soles meet.
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