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It really isn't necessary to buy a Pro Kennex when TE occurs, but I personally just switched from the very arm friendly Pure Storm Ltd. GT and have to say that the Pro Kennex 315 does a better job of dissipating the impact than the more flexible PSLGT. Evidently flexibility is only part of the equation. I may just use the PK315 until my elbow is 100%, but on the other hand the more I play with the PK315 the more I think it is a great racquet even if one doesn't have TE.

I am playing with the elbow strap/brace and it does a decent job of taking some of the stress off the tendons. I only use it while playing and take it off immediately after and put on ice. My mild TE seems to be slowly going away.

I think the biggest help is to put natty gut at low tension in any frame. It made my PSLGT play really soft. Natty gut also has a way of dissipating the impact that multis and polys don't have.
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