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Originally Posted by AlexDK09 View Post
I managed to string all of my mains perfectly!!
Thanks!! Radicalized!

And to answer your last question: I do have the model without the ratchet

I hope your crosses went/are going as well. If not, again, the best thing I can do now is send you to (I just remember he has all of these particular videos.) and look at the starting crosses with a start knot video (or starting clamp if you have one and that was your planned method.). I don't know your racquet type if any special instructions are needed and so forth. Also, the string type can complicate things when weaving crosses (Stiff can be a challenge.). Endure, AlexDK09!

If you are stringing along and have a question, but no one responds (It's Saturday in the Fall.), I wrote out questions and answers (Q & A) to solve a bunch of problems in a thread. Just skip the top section, which is regarding a completely different machine.
Still with the Head LM Radical MP/OS. The dying art of the 1HBH. Gamma X-2. Would a higher-end machine get me more forum "cred"? ;)

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