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Suresh. Every year, the flu shot KILL dozens of senior citizens. That is also well documented, and presented on Channel 4 news several times in the last 10 years.
The shot itself doesn't kill anyone. BUT, the effects of the shot, taking part of the immune system to combat the effects of the shot does, as it weakens the total immune system at a period of time when it's needed to fight off other diseases.
Say you're in old fart. OK, not U, but me. I have maybe 60% of the total resistance and immunity power of you. I'm old. I'm injured. I'm sick. I'm out of shape. I don't get regular exercise.
Now shoot me up with disease. Since I have only 60% to fight with, just combatting the new stuff you introduced into my body takes half of that. Now I have only THIRTY percent to fight off the germs that are already present in my body!
You don't, those stupid "experts" don't.
Remember, your scientists are so STUPID, they take a 103 year old sturgeon who lived in fresh water all it's life (LakeSonoma in Cal.), dump it into salt water, and it dies in ONE day!
For every 10 scientists, we need 10 people with COMMON SENSE.
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