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Gonzales suffered racism (why was he called Pancho when his name was Ricardo/Richard instead of Francisco?), and he certainly didn't act like a saint. After Kramer humiliated him in 1950, he became so full of rage. Of course, to make up for this, Gonzales had to be so damn perfect in the way he played tennis, to dominate year after year. He'd have been treated as the worst pariah in the history of tennis if he had flopped in the professional game after all that attitude. Some still saw him as the worst pariah anyway.
Essentially with Gonzalez in the head to head tours it was kill or be killed and after losing to Kramer he always survived.

Hoad was trained by Kramer to beat Gonzalez but Gonzalez survived.

There have been some other champions in sports history that had to survive those problems. The Cleveland Browns had a few african american players like the great Marion Motley. The Browns had to play a pro game without Motley I believe in the old All American Football Conference in Florida was because of the laws at the time were not allowed them to bring their african american players with them for some reason. They had to be very strong to survive the abuse they took.

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