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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
Okay, but you've just said that you bean people intentionally, in part to help "boost your confidence." So the fact that beaning can happen accidentally seems pretty much irrelevant.

And it's certainly possible for something innocently intended to be misinterpreted as gamesmanship.

Uh-huh. So is it okay to bean people unprovoked to intimidate them, or is it only okay when you want to punish them for alleged gamesmanship?

Just trying to get a sense of how your values system works here...
I dont see how you read the part where I said it boosts my confidence but then jump to the assumption that I bean people "unprovoked". You're either selectively reading, or intentionally leaving out parts.

I only bean people in retaliation for "gamesmanship" the same way some people hook line calls after being hooked themselves. Some people call refs or write appeals. Some people just let themselves mentally crumble.

It boosts my confidence when I bean (or nearly bean) someone after they try their hand at gamesmanship. I know when they stoop to that they're getting desperate, much like making bad linecalls, because its that point where they can no longer play you straight up and have to resort to other methods.

I never agree to calling for a ref unless someone is adamant about it. I also never make intentionally bad line calls. I dont do those things because I feel they're not part of the game. I feel like beaning people is part of the game its just that most people dont do it to be nice and I agree. When someone resorts to "guerrilla tactics" like calling officials, hooking lines, or gamesmanship, I just do away with the "being nice" and therefore elect to hit the ball at them instead of trying to avoid them.
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