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Originally Posted by Rusty669 View Post
I don't think so Break Point. I have been wondering about the differences in the two rackets, and in order to find out I sent my one and only k six one tour to a professional tuning company here. They have in the past put an identical custom grip on all my AK90s and matched them weight-wise. I asked them to take off the handle of the US K90 and put the custom grip on,but also to take any extra weights out that are under the pallet.
Long story short, they matched the US K90 to my AK90s and they play pretty much the same. The only difference in the two is the added weight in the grip area and the more head light balance of the US K90.
Well, I've played with about 10 different AK90's and at least a half dozen US K90's and I have noticed that the AK90's feel slightly flexier - i.e., I can feel the flex in the AK90 more than I can in the US K90. I think the lighter weight (less graphite used) is the reason for that.

BTW, there are factory installed weights inside the handles of all of my AK90's (you can see them as metal rods inside the handles). I can also feel the extra weight in the hoop and throat of the US K90's when I play with them so I am positive that the difference is not just the weight in the handles between the two. And stock-to-stock, I also don't notice that the AK90 is any less headlight than the US K90. I know that the official specs state otherwise, but I think those specs are wrong and that the AK90 is just as headlight as the US K90.

Also, I've tried to make some of my AK90's into US K90's by adding weight inside the handles of the AK90's to match the static weight of the US K90, but they still don't play the same. I can still feel that there's more weight in the hoop and throat of the stock US K90 than there is in the modified AK90's with weight added inside the handles.
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