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Originally Posted by terg View Post
Pro stocks are overrated.
Especially the tgk and tgt from head. They are just lighter hairpins of the retail model, nothing more nothing less.
I'm not talking about special racquets made for murray, djoko etc. that's a whole different story.
I love when someone comes here and just writes junk that a few others stated in one way or the other, without understanding the content...

There are TGK and TGT frames that you cannot find in the retail form -- 260.2 -- YT Radical MP 16x19. The Cilic TGK is a totally different layup from the retail frame. The old Wawrinka 238.3 is a totally different layup...

Also, if you have ever played with the siliconed + leaded frame, you would not claim "nothing more and nothing less" about them -- it totally changes the feel, SW and so on of the racket. You can get the TGK/TGT to the SW, balance and weight combination where the retail cannot go...

Therefore, for some, they are golden, for some, they are just the glorified retail...

Furthermore, to the OP, other Pro Stock sticks, like PT57A for example have more advantages -- hairpin weight/available customization with the control, comfort and power combination... If you can handle it, it is a wonderful stick. Not for everyone, though, due to the restricted sweet spot...
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