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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
It has that plastic feel to it. What i hated though was touchwiz. Horrible looking and unneeded. I picked the lesser of two evils in htc sense. But they both suck imo. It would be much better to run stock android, but if you do that, then you can not update your prl and radios.
Did you mess around with a few launchers? I wonder if the Jeally Bean update will change touchwiz at all.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
if you put the cover on, it becomes perfect weight. it is superior to Iphone 5 in every respect except S voice.
There are some quite nice covers I think. I've used a CandyShell on the iPhone and it's nice, but was so tough to get off it left tiny scratches on after. The S3 version doesn't do that, luckily.
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