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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
But, you're transporting current-day Serena to the past. IF Serena had her career during those periods, she would have grown up in those periods and would probably be different person altogether. That's why the questions are so difficult to answer.
Kinda the point of the thread. Could the Serena of today be able to weather the storms of the 50s Gibson did and push on to win majors and be number 1? I think Serena is an insanely strong willed woman and if she really wanted to I do not think she would let anyone stand in her way. However Gibson did not have such a polarizing personality or brazen attitude and in the 50s Serena would be labeled and bashed so much more than she is now by many. Gibson based on what I have read was more quiet and reserved..almost introverted in some ways...polar opposite of Serena. I could see Serena storming in and demanding the right to play...but i could also see her just turning her back and not putting herself in the situation to be subjected to it at all....look at her Boycott of Indian Wells. I could see Serena just saying "you are just scared...screw ya" and walking away with a smile.
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