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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Helen Hull Jacobs is a player probably not often heard of or mentioned. She was a contemporary of Moody and later Alice Marble. She won 5 majors in Singles and was an 11 time runner up ( 6 times to Moody, 3 to Marble included in those). She did beat Wills once by. a retirement on the part of Wills that was booed at the time. Overall Wills dominated her 14-1 H2H wise.

She entered 34 majors in her career from 1925-1941 and made the Quarters of 31 of them, the Semis of 24 of them, and 16 of the finals....which is pretty amazing in terms of consistency. She is arguable as the 3rd best female of the 1930s behind Moody and Marble.

Where does she go all time? We give a lot of credit to Doris Hart and Ivan Lendl for their consistency of making major finals (despite the fact they both have losing records in major finals). However they could beat top players while Jacobs usually lost. She did beat Palfrey twice but thats kinda it.

Does she deserve to be top 20 all time? Is she a lost talent doomed to the shadows cast by Moody and Marble...or did she just get lucky to win when Moody wasn't around?
Good thread, boredon, Here's a telling stat from wiki, "Jacobs was a member of the U.S. Wightman Cup team from 1927 through 1937 and again in 1939. Her lifetime record was 19–11. Both Marble and Wills were fellow Americans she could not have played in Wightman, sot she doesn't do that well against the British women she met either.
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