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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Good thread, boredon, Here's a telling stat from wiki, "Jacobs was a member of the U.S. Wightman Cup team from 1927 through 1937 and again in 1939. Her lifetime record was 1911. Both Marble and Wills were fellow Americans she could not have played in Wightman, sot she doesn't do that well against the British women she met either.
Funny I just went to look up those years and at least on Wiki there is no data apart from the final scores. Many of those years were competitive scores of 4-3, and the United Kingdom at least at the onset of the competition had a lot of top players who were contenders. 19-11 is not the most impressive of records but its still a winning one so she was competitive on a world stage and not just on home soil. She made 5 Wimbledon finals and must have beaten some Brits there to do that...she did lost to a Brit in one final..but that Brit also took Moody to 3 so she was a quality Brit in some ways.

I am not sure what to think of her...but I guess she deserves some credit.
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