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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
FYI...Pro Kennex makes some pretty bold claims that their Kinetic technology is the only one proven by independent scientific research to reduce shock and vibration. Here's a video that explains it:

It has free floating lead pellets inside frame which add weight to the frame via momentum. In the video, he says it’s like going from 11oz to 13oz.

This comment made me wonder what my Dunlop weighs. Lo and behold, I went to the grocery store after tennis today, and noticed a produce scale.
After loading up the trunk, I took my racket into the store and weighed it. Yea, that was awkward. .78 pounds = 12.48 ounces. So, if 13oz is good for tennis elbow, one pack of lead tape can get it over 13oz. I will do this, and demo the Pro Kennex as well.

What about the Ki5 ”PSE”? This weighs 13 ounces, instead of 11.5 ounces (Ki5) Heavier is better for the elbow, right?

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