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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
Reading some of the negative posts just furthers my theory that the sport of tennis has a disproportionate amount of people who are wired differently upstairs when compared to other sports.
I agree. I used to play quite a bit of league softball. 15-20 years ago, the softball league fees were about $40 per season. I never heard anyone complain about how expensive the fees were. I never heard anyone talking about the administration of the leagues, and no one even knew who ran the leagues. I never saw anyone get into arguments. They just showed up and played softball and enjoyed it.

I started playing tennis about 12 years ago, and couldn't believe the constant whining about how expensive the fees are.....even though they are less than $35 per season. I couldn't believe the constant complaining about league administration, and was shocked when many captains would pick up the phone and call the USTA league coordinator at the drop of a hat. They treated the league coordinator as though he was a 24/7 on call service. Then when he answered a question they'd argue with him. (That LC is long gone now. I heard he quit tennis altogether and won't pick up a racquet anymore.)

As soon as I saw the OP's post I knew he'd get blasted by people trying to discredit him. I also noticed that a lot of the questions posted here can be answered by looking at the USTA national website, or most section websites. Very typical for tennis. Hardly anyone reads information made available to them.....they just ask questions.

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