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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Most of the top professionals play in shoes that they are paid to wear. There's no reason to assume that these shoes are optimal.

I would guess if you asked them, most pros wouldn't be able to tell you the heel elevation of their shoes. I would also guess that some of the top pros have the shoes altered to fit better (there are rumors of using custom lasts), and the lower level pros most likely use a shoe they subjectively find comfortable and believe helps them perform.
I, and everyone else already know the bolded since we've all said it before. But you honestly believe the pros would rather have flat heeled shoes? If they did all the top guys would play in them and still get paid. It's also more than rumors that a few of the top guys have custom shoes- it's fact. Murray for instance still uses the retail B5 sole pattern for hard courts as he's used to how it stops and goes. But they're clearly not playing in Merrell Glove profile shoes though- and the claims the higher shoes increase injury risk just don't stack up against guys who make their living from playing the game and can obviously control the style of shoe they wear.
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