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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I want more details as I'm considering it, especially if the equipment has improved enough to reduce the risks to a very, very low rate. I figure having 20/20 vision would really improve my tennis, as I'm myopic.

How much did your vision improve? Has the improvement lasted? Have you had any night vision issues?
Hmmm. I was myopic with a grade of -5.75 and -4.50. Vision without glasses was something like 20/150. After LASIK, until today- 20/20. Waking up and not having to grope around for glasses is the best feeling ever

As I said earlier, I had issues with dryness, so I would get a gritty sensation if I forgot to use my lubricant drops. This lasted about 4-5 months, but nothing to worry about. I do get a bit of glare at night, but nothing I notice unless I really try to look for it/be aware of it. And nothing that affects driving or anything else, really. The laser technology used has improved quite a bit from 7 years ago, so the occurrence of these issues are much less now.

Do make sure to look at the reputation/track record of the surgeon/laser center. Look into what machine/s he uses. Make sure the corneal flap is made using a laser too (bladeless LASIK). Although mine was done with a blade (wasn't invented yet). Like any medical procedure, there are risks involved, so be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Good luck!
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