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I didn't try MG but i have a LM rad Mp and a Wilson 6.1 team which i think plays similar to MG. I believe that the answer depends on your choice of feeling. LM is a stiff frame and when you have the racquet in your hands and you swing it, you can definitely feel the weight of the racquet. Team is a very soft frame. It has a low swingweight and when you hold and swing it, you feel like there is nothing in your hands. This is a great feeling but the problem is, the force that you have taken from the momentum of your swing is way less than a stiffer/high swingweight frame.

I definitely prefer stiffer ones and more plow through feeling so i prefer LM. With RPM blast at 55, it just plays perfectly for me. When i switch from 6.1 to LM, my game changes suddenly. The only thing is, if you care so much about the paintjobs, the paintjob of LM really sucks. I believe they couldn't make an uglier frame even if they wanted to. If i had an oscar for the ugliest frame, i wouldn't even think about which one i'd give it to.
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