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I'll jump in...shenanigans aside...I'm inclined to believe the intentions are good.

So still, leaugeCO, here are my questions to you as an LC and without you having to give any specifics:
  • how do you go about setting up the flights/leagues (I ask because we have two different philosophies in our area: some who purposely seek to distribute the slots while others have a "blind draw" approach)
  • what's the weirdest "grievance"/complaint you've had to deal with
  • what's the most common complaint you have to deal with
  • do you actually play yourself
  • what's the main thing you wish just regular players "knew" about how USTA works
  • if you were "in charge" of everything, what's the first thing you would change
  • if you could wave a magic wand over the tennis-playing population, what would you wish for
  • if you could wave a magic wand over the general population, what tennis-related thing would you wish for, and
  • finally, what motivates you to do what you do...i.e. being an LC
My hat's off to you for being an LC and being willing to post here. Like tennis tom, I tend to think your intentions are good (dare I say great), but some venerable TT posters have called a few things out. All good, I say. Just be careful in making gross declarations since USTA seems to be anything but consistent ATM. Hang with us, for the moment. We can be an entertaining bunch.
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