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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
I'm so focused on what I'm doing (even yelling at myself) that I don't even notice if someone is trying gamesmanship. Of course there are a few guys who out and out cheat - line calls, even surreptitiously changing the score on the net post.
I'm somewhere with NLBwell. "Gamemanship"? I didn't even really know what that meant til I started played USTA (and reading TT posts). Either there's so little of it at my (admittedly low) level, or I'm oblivious to it. I tend to chalk it up to idiosyncrasies, naivety, stupidity or something else beyond my comprehension and figure I don't have the time or patience for it. Outright cheating...that's different than's lying or cheating. Different story. Still tend not to let it get me worked up, though. If it's a social match that was privately arranged, I just decline in the future. For USTA or prescribed matches, I just accept it as a the Way It Is.

I can't imagine actually practicing the things the OP describes just so they wouldn't be an issue.
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