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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

Hey X, how goes it? What are the grandkiddies up to ATM? No iAnything here. We're anti-Apple. Still struggling with the whole go-to-school routine.

TWMACers, anyone headed to IKEA soon? I need a small purchase that I'm not quite willing to drive ~150mi rounders for. Will pay shipping plus tip!

Foodie Alert: Served up my best version, E-V-E-R, on Chicken Piccata for our 11th Anniversary this evening. Headed to this tomorrow for brunch.

And, if I can work it out....a hit with a fellow TTer beforehand. Gosh, life is grand.

Except I need another vehicle. Purchased replacement for the totaled vehicle is a lemon. Ugh. Current option: a durned ZoomZoom5.
AQ congrads on ur happy 11th. here's wishing u many more happy 11's.
congrads on the cx5. is that the one with the sliding doors. is it like the cx7 where it requires prem gas? I heard it comes with a lot of cool accessories.

I was out hitting today. first day back. it's say iam 70%. my two hander is still off. still need at least 80% of my speed in order to go to the net.
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