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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
AQ congrads on ur happy 11th. here's wishing u many more happy 11's.
Thanks, Man. It's not been an easy decade. Kids do that, ya know? But in the end, I have to think, am I better now than I was before? You bet your durned you*know*what. Love my spouse, love my kids, love my life. Lotta hard work in all those three elements but it's worth it.

congrads on the cx5. is that the one with the sliding doors. is it like the cx7 where it requires prem gas? I heard it comes with a lot of cool accessories.
Actually a Mazda5. Sliding doors...bucket seats in the second (of three rows)...but regular gas. Same mpg as my Forester so I'm not trading off much. Wish the rear DVD-Entertainment system was part of the mix...but then again, maybe not. We don't take that many long trips and "The Rhyming Game" works well for us. Sure I can upgrade it as the kids progress in school. Dealer and me are off several thousand $$$ but I'm a good hold-out...yet a fair buyer. Capitalist to the core.

I was out hitting today. first day back. it's say iam 70%. my two hander is still off. still need at least 80% of my speed in order to go to the net.
Someday, next fall maybe, I can scoot up to the DC-Metro area for a weekday/midday hit as both of mine would be in school. Can ya'll put that on your radar? I would bring lunch or dessert (which, remember, includes triple chocolate mousse cake!)
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