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Default Gamma Progression ST II vs 602 FC

I am buying my first stringing machine, should have bought one 10 years ago and Im not waiting any longer. I'll be stringing a personal racquet once every 2 weeks and probably a 2-3 / month for friends. I want a fixed clamp machine for better accuracy, but am not sure if the drop weight on the 602 is enough or if the spring tensioner on the ST II is worth it ($250 is a lot of money for me right now).

I have read that the spring tensioner on the ST II has to be turned very slowly to get the right tension because it doesnt account for string stretching before it locks which makes me think the 602 would be better for accuracy.

How much time would the spring tensioner actually save? Are there other advantages to the more expensive machine?

The ones Im looking at:
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