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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
AQ, I pass the IKEA on my way to clinicals on Tuesdays. Whaddya need? (please don't say a couch)
Nope, no couch. These:

Full location: Bjarnum folding hooks

I'm redoing our entry hallway with some wainscoting/beadboard below the chair rail and want these "hooks" for us to hang backpacks during the school week...but because it's a hallway, I didn't really want hooks hanging out when the "stuff" is in transit. I'd need two 3-pks, please. But no hurry and no worry if you can't do it. I'll eventually make my way up there for something bigger. Like a couch.

Welcome back to the Mazda family!
Corrected for ya. Drove an Rx-7 back in the day.

And there's no way I'm waiting until *next* fall for another one of those cakes!
You're probably right. You and the rest of the sandbagging TWMACers will win some flight that'll put you in our area for Districts.
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.
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