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Default Coupon for a set ?

Not currently a member, when I started stringing wasn't fully aware of the USRSA nor understood any advantage. Also at the time really did not have the money to add this to my hobby, having went over budget for the stringing machine I finally settled on.

Found that between boards such as this one, YouTube and some patience seemed to learn and pickup what I needed as I went along. Pattern book may have been helpful, but I'm to the point now that I can pretty much read a racquets pattern w/o going to a manual. Have also built up my own database relevant to the lengths needed for mains and crosses based on my machine.

However, my clientele has grown along with my interest in this and have wondered if this wouldn't be worthwhile and it's something I can now justify with funds from this. Would be nice if the site would at least allow a one or two day free review of the site. Statement's such as Membership provides access to......w/o showing examples not a very good way for those unaware of the benefits to actually determine anything.

A big part of the benefits seems to be the free strings, can someone answer just how the "Coupon for a set" of strings works if you are purchasing strings over the internet? Can't figure out if you have to go to a store, or if they are actually simply shipped to you.
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