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Originally Posted by GrandSlam45 View Post
I am a recent example of how "just change racquets" can heal TE. I've been struggling with Babolat Pure Drives for over 10 years and I always thought that arm pain was just a "normal" part of playing tennis. I had to ice after every match, use tons of Advil, use elbow braces, etc. None of these things ever cured the problem. I always assumed the problem was me... getting old, glitches in my strokes, poor form etc.. I ignorantly never thought it was my racquet!

I recently switched to a PK Ki5 315 and I swear to you it fixed my problem. Whereas before I could only play 3 days a week max, I can now play every day if I wanted to, and I'm experiencing ZERO arm pain... either during or after. For me, it's like a miracle.

So yes, for some, switching racquets can make all the difference.
Does this Pro Kennex racquet make noise? I remember demoing one about 5 years ago, and the 'shaking' noise was a little distracting.
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