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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
Thanks, Man. It's not been an easy decade. Kids do that, ya know? But in the end, I have to think, am I better now than I was before? You bet your durned you*know*what. Love my spouse, love my kids, love my life. Lotta hard work in all those three elements but it's worth it.

Actually a Mazda5. Sliding doors...bucket seats in the second (of three rows)...but regular gas. Same mpg as my Forester so I'm not trading off much. Wish the rear DVD-Entertainment system was part of the mix...but then again, maybe not. We don't take that many long trips and "The Rhyming Game" works well for us. Sure I can upgrade it as the kids progress in school. Dealer and me are off several thousand $$$ but I'm a good hold-out...yet a fair buyer. Capitalist to the core.

Someday, next fall maybe, I can scoot up to the DC-Metro area for a weekday/midday hit as both of mine would be in school. Can ya'll put that on your radar? I would bring lunch or dessert (which, remember, includes triple chocolate mousse cake!)
looking forward to it. just let us know when u have in mind. dying to meet the rest of the twmac crew!
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