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Default Still looking for ambitious tennis partners!!

Two year ago i was looking for serious tennis players to train together for a year. This time im looking for 2-3 guys, who are at least 4.5, preferably 5.0-5.5, who would be interested in training together for 2-3 month in a nice warm country where we can train 3-4 hrs a day.

The idea is to also hire a local future (quali) level play to train with our group for some 10 hours a week (this should cost some 800-1000usd/month divided by the number of players in the group).

We would rent a nice apartment with a room for each person and a nice living space. This should cost 600-1000 usd/month depending on country and whether it is in the capital or in a provincial town.

Im 5.0, 43 yrs old, i love tennis and football (soccer!), love languages and culture, partying and dancing (woud love to learn salsa), good food/wine/coffee and cake! I love good debates about everything, having fun and cracking jokes!

One of the the players could already be living in the country where we would do this. Anybody interested?
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