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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post

You say you bean people in response to gamesmanship, suggesting this is akin to hooking in response to hooking.

If that is how you view things, then you should bean in response to beaning and use gamesmanship in response to gamesmanship, no?
No, because hooking, making intentionally bad line calls regardless of the situation is cheating. Beaning someone is not cheating under any circumstance.

I've never made an intentionally bad line call in my life.

Originally Posted by dcdoorknob View Post
He's hitting the ball as hard as he can at people, not for reasons related to the tennis, but to send a message and cause mental duress in his opponents. It is gamesmanship. He is using gamesmanship as a response to gamesmanship, whether he will admit it or not.
If you define beaning someone as gamesmanship then I agree. I dont define beaning someone as gamesmanship. I dont see how beaning someone is at all the same as yelling across the net when your opponent is hitting, making bad line calls, or waving your arms in the air is the same.

You can bean someone and its not at all malicious. You cannot with good intentions make bad line calls, yell when your opponents are hitting, or wave your arms in the air.
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