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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

Hey X, how goes it? What are the grandkiddies up to ATM? No iAnything here. We're anti-Apple. Still struggling with the whole go-to-school routine.
Grandson seems to like baseball more at the moment; may be the next Bryce Harper, cuz he already has nice hand-eye coordination. Gotta get his mind right so he can be the next RF. LOL.

FINALLY got back on the court this morning after 5 weeks in this infernal boot. Didn't do much, just practiced serves with my new Ys - EZone Xi 100 and RDiS 200 Lite. Small sample size, but I was surprised that the 200 seems to be a bit more stable on serves - accuracy, spin, etc. - than the EZone. Could be I'm just rusty. Can't say anything about groundies, volleys, overheads, etc., but hope to get in some of that this week if I can find another old person who doesn't have to work anymore. And if my ankle doesn't flare up again.

Don't think I'm jumping on the iP 5 bandwagon, either, but I might upgrade to the 4S since my contract is up in October, anyway. I think I'll try to get the iOS 6, though; I hear good things about it.

Wish I could help the gang welcome you to NOVA when you trek up for a hitting session/food fest. You sound like a cool lady. Everyone enjoy this nice fall weather.
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