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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
The JET technique requires that you skip certain holes, which would mean a very large gap between the last string and one that's 2 strings before it. That would be impossible to do with 2 normal flying clamps. He would need other tools besides 2 normal flying clamps to accomplish this. I'm sure he has a plethora of other tools...
JET method really uses the triple clamp which is able to clamp two strings farther apart

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
... If you really want accuracy, you have to make up for the constant pull vs lockout difference in one form or another (plenty of threads on the subject if you search for it). I've gotten so used to pulling the arm up and down, it doesn't bother me any more than turning a crank. Electric pull is better, but it won't fit the budget.

Short answer: If you want speed and ease of use, get a crank. If you want accuracy, lower maintenance, and lower cost, get a drop-weight.
You only have to make up for the difference between LO and CP if you want the LO strung racket to feel like the CP strung racket. If you want a CP strung racket to feel like a LO strung racket you also have to do some switching around. If you have a good machine and properly maintained you can get excellent accuracy with any type stringer if your methods are sound.
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