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Originally Posted by Avles View Post
I think I've posted this before somewhere here, but I don't really understand why tennis shoes and futsal shoes look so different.

Soccer players would seem to require at least as much support and lateral stability as tennis players, but tennis shoes tend to be a lot chunkier and have higher heels. They also seem to be more expensive on the whole...

Would wearing something like this be a problem for most tennis players?
I think you ask a reasonable question. Indoor soccer shoes don't need the outsole durability of a tennis shoe. Perhaps they also don't need as much cushioning as a shoe designed for a hard court. But the overall design doesn't need to be much different, though the tennis shoes wouldn't need the contact surface on top of the foot designed for guiding the ball.

My ideal tennis shoe would have zero drop, a low level stack height, a wide toe-box (that's the way my feet are shaped), and a durable outsole with a toe guard. In many respects, something like an indoor soccer shoe with more ventilation.

I've considered getting some indoor soccer shoes for tennis, but I haven't tried enough of them. The few that I've tried have been too narrow for me.
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