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Originally Posted by 6LOVE View Post
I don't mean to be rude, because I know you mean well, but I was hoping this thread would not turn into a yet another debate between ill-informed alarmists and those of us who understand the pros and cons of "zero-drop" footwear.

Thanks for your concern, but I actually consult closely with my podiatrist because I (like too many of us) have suffered through some painful bouts of plantar fasciitis. Some minimalist shoes do not have enough cushioning to protect the tendons, which is why I add that layer of PPT foam padding.

So if you don't like minimalist footwear, please just leave us on our own. Thanks.
How does the foam padding make them minimalist shoes? I thought one of the major problems with "traditional" running shoes was too much padding. Aren't you basically taking a minimalst shoe and converting it back to a traditional shoe?

Could you spend a few minutes and educate us on the minimalist footwear scene?

For example:

1) What did your podiatrist tell you?

2) Do you feel your injuries (plantar fascitis, etc) were caused by the wrong footwear? Incorrect running style? Why do you believe what you believe.

3) What shoes were you wearing before the minimalist shoes? Why did you choose the shoes you did?

4) What types of foot problems are minimalist tennis shoes aimed to cure?

5) Etc.

I'm not trying to be rude, but you seem very informed on the minimalist running scene, so I'd like to pick your brain a bit.
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