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Originally Posted by Bobo96 View Post
Any opinions on the Alpha Pioneer DC+, and the Gamma Professional II 602 FC? They both seem to be high quality and at a reasonable price.
I have the APDC+. It's very well designed. The linear gripper and spring-assisted locking levers at the base of the clamps are the advantages it has over the Gamma. The two main drawbacks I have are:

1) Creep - The towers tend to move a little when there's enough stress on the mains to flatten the racquet head. There are various fixes to this that are discussed in detail in other threads.

2) Length limitation - The farthest apart you can get with the mounting posts is 15 inches, so it can't handle any racquets with a head longer than 15 inches. I ran into this problem with a few racquetball racquets.

I don't know if these problems exist with the Gamma or not. I do know that the linear gripper and spring-assisted levers under the clamps are 2 features the Gamma doesn't have, and I'm glad I have those features.

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