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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
pretty typical for the juniors to do well in this event - usually even better than this year it seems - quoting from the document posted top of page 18:

"Last year the USTA juniors won five of eight matches on Day 1 and two years ago, led by Jack Sock, the squad went 6-2. Also last year, the USTA had two players (Connor Farren and Alexios Halebian) win their respective round-robin pools and advance to the quarterfinals with both winning one round in the Shootout before falling in the semifinals by 10-7 scores.

Two years ago, Halebian also won his pool, as did Mitchell Frank but both were beaten in the first or quarterfinal Shootout round."

you're putting highly ranked juniors against guys that aren't highly ranked college tennis players:
- best texas player (who DB just beat) finished last year #80 ITA singles rankings
- best cal player (ben mclachlan) finished last year #35 ITA singles rankings
- no georgia player in this event was ranked end of last year in singles
- no illinois player in this event was ranked end of last year in singles
- no stanford player in this event was ranked end of last year in singles
- no harvard player in this event was ranked end of last year in singles

so, even without speculating on how much these guys care about their results in this exhibition-type event that really just seems to eat up more of their time if they get out of the round-robin (yes, one guy does get a wild card for winning it, but as you can see above with their college success, none of them are going to do much with that wild card) - even trying their hardest during the college season last year these guys aren't exactly world-beaters

someone feel free to check my quick (and possible sloppy, but i doubt it) Ctrl-F work on the final 125 ranked singles players from last year:
thanks for a response.
few thoughts. Disclaimer: i have minimal to no knowledge about college tennis.
1. I have hard time believing these college players do not care. I mean it can't look or feel good when you are playing singles for major D1 team, and lose to a junior that is few years younger. Ok, these results do not count for any standings - but this is an annual event, with a concrete award (wild card) on the line. and you are also playing against fellow college players.
2. I can see that these players are perhaps not going to light the tennis world on fire. So beating them may or may not mean anything wrt to playing pro on tour. But they do play D1. they got scholarships. why wouldn't a coach offered a scholarship to a junior that, while still being younger and a room for improvement, is already beating a player he has on a team right now?
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