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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
thanks for a response.
few thoughts. Disclaimer: i have minimal to no knowledge about college tennis.
1. I have hard time believing these college players do not care. I mean it can't look or feel good when you are playing singles for major D1 team, and lose to a junior that is few years younger. Ok, these results do not count for any standings - but this is an annual event, with a concrete award (wild card) on the line. and you are also playing against fellow college players.
2. I can see that these players are perhaps not going to light the tennis world on fire. So beating them may or may not mean anything wrt to playing pro on tour. But they do play D1. they got scholarships. why wouldn't a coach offered a scholarship to a junior that, while still being younger and a room for improvement, is already beating a player he has on a team right now?
1. yeah, above (many posts ago, by now) i basically agreed that they certainly don't want to lose to these juniors - DB earned his win - they may not be fighting like heck like they would in a dual match vs a rival, but they're not going out to lose - but i do agree when tball said not much on the line for them in this event (again, i don't think the WC matters to them, they won't win matches and jumpstart an ATP career with it, they're not at that level)

2. some of these guys have D1 scholarships, some do not certainly (harvard guys i don't believe have athletic scholarships, and some of the other guys i'm sure are not getting full money, since there are only 4.5 scholarships per team) - but yes i think DB would be in great position for some money from texas or cal if his dad were not a barrier - that's a different ballgame from the coaches at the very top that i keep listing (peter smith, boland, diaz) - these guys have their pick of the best of the best nationally and internationally, and they only need 1-2 a year - my opinion is that DB is hardly on their radar with his unimpressive or nonexistent results in tournies like orange bowl, eddie herr, the zoo, major ITFs, etc
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