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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
my opinion is that DB is hardly on their radar with his unimpressive or nonexistent results in tournies like orange bowl, eddie herr, the zoo, major ITFs, etc
I would think that their radar goes pretty deep in the field, and a kid as big a DB would be on it for future potential - even if not for present results.
Whether college tennis is best (Isner) or going straight to the pros (Querry) would be best will be decided by his results and how quickly he grows into his body. We'll see where he is a 18 and whether he's winning junior Slam tournaments. Right now, he seems to be on track for a level below at that age because of his size. If he keeps improving into his 20's as he fills into his body (maybe at college) he might have a good shot at getting to be an ATP player. In the great mass of high-level junior players, picking out which one is going to make it would be tough, but I'd give a big advantage to the guy who is 6'5".
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