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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
I would think that their radar goes pretty deep in the field, and a kid as big a DB would be on it for future potential - even if not for present results.
yeah, maybe, again i could be wrong, don't know any of those three coaches personally, just know the type of prospects they generally are landing (and here, i'm talking about the top guys they are landing, aka the ones that are getting a big chunk of that 4.5 scholarships per team...not the third recruit they pull down in a given year that sits at the bottom of the lineup or on the bench without an athletic scholarship...something tells me no1coach wouldn't be interested in that kind of situation)

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
In the great mass of high-level junior players, picking out which one is going to make it would be tough, but I'd give a big advantage to the guy who is 6'5".
and i'd give a big advantage to guys like peliwo, rubin, and kozlov that have demonstrated bigtime results consistently on the biggest stages of junior tennis...but to each his could end up being right

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