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Just as a preface BP, we are all putting down opinions here and I was not trying to be's ok to be passionate about your views, but with all due respect no need to push each and everyone's opinion's aside. That said, I think we can all agree to disagree for those who are on opposite sides.

Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
So 5 sq. in. is not much difference for Agassi yet people here are claiming that 5 sq. in. will make a huge difference for Federer?

When going smaller from an OS to a MP that's near OS, my opinion is that it's not much a difference when physically comparing racquet heads and I can say the same would be true going the other way...but I would agree with those and say going bigger does help more with shanks and mishits.

Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Yes, he should have been so stubborn because he won 14 Slams with it and was #1 for 6 straight years. You don't fix what ain't broken. If he had switched to a bigger racquet he just may have never won another Slam or dropped in the rankings. Ask Davydenko, Ljubicic or Ferrero how switching racquets worked out for them.
Since I am not going to question the view or opinion of a 14 Slam winner, I would chose to believe his retrospective take in equipment is very much a valid one. Also would be fair to say Davydenko, Ljubicic and Ferroro are/were never at the skill level of Sampras or Federer.

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Sampras doesn't play on the tour anymore. It doesn't matter if he wins or not. He gets paid just for showing up. He can now play with whatever he wants because he now plays mainly for fun. He's not as serious about winning like he was when he was collecting Slam trophies.
Probably...but again I wouldn't question a valid retrospective opinion of said 14 Slam winner.
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