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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Listen if you sit there as a dad and allow some parent to call your kid a loser, clap at his double faults, clap at his unforced errors and do nothing about it "what kind of parent are you ?

I feel bad for your kids, the one thing my kid knows is dad has his back at any cost , if your kids need that have them call me I will pick up where you cant.

By the way its not a threat ! Its a choice presented to the other parent , its called grace .
I wouldn't make it about the trash talker, I would make it about my kid being confident and standing on his own two feet - especially at 16. My kids know that there are a-holes out there and the best way to handle them is to handle your business and do the right thing. Play your game and let your game do the talking. Any other way and the opponent has accomplished their goal of getting under your skin. It's not about the a-hole who has to resort to trash talk and the a-hole who physically threatens back, it's about owning their own confidence and using their head.
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