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As much as I admire Tony Roche game and specially his volleying ability the truth remains that Laver beat him in their 3 main encounters as Ken Rosewall did too
Newcombe, while not an overall better player, was much more of a threat for the Laver-Rosewall hegemony and in fact he was the only player able to break ut
I think that if Roche was not injured he would have eventually taken over from Laver as number one in the world. Look at someone Roche later coached, Ivan Lendl who lost his first four major finals to Borg, McEnroe, Wilander and Connors. Lendl eventually took over and won many majors. To move further ahead perhaps that may happen to the player Lendl is coaching now, Andy Murray who won his first major over Djokovic. He also won the Olympics over his nemesis Roger Federer in a great display of tennis. I guess in a way Roche is almost the grandcoach of Andy Murray.

Newcombe wasn't overall a better player than Roche and I think Roche's best was better but Newcombe on any surface would be a danger to any player that ever lived. He did have a big match aura around him that very few players have had.

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